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News::Daily Report of Runescape scammed accounts list, scamming runescape sellers 2018/5/21


Today is 2018/5/21, we uploaded 30 Scamming runescape seller's details, including scammed runescape accounts login user and seller's paypal email. They recovered accounts back after payments received. Never ever trust these scammers.

Login User Seller's Paypal Email
3 hit l0l Unknown
3at my pu5sy Unknown
300guy2003 Unknown
2h owns ubad Unknown
2 good 2 u 2 Unknown
1xxskillxx1 Unknown
1 pker lol Unknown
1hit Maul K0 Unknown
1 D E F Unknown
1337 pk pwnz Unknown Unknown
0xl ixxl ix0 Unknown
0xl Unknown
0wned y o 0 Unknown
Angelboy0004 Unknown
Anabolic i Unknown
Amwelsh Unknown Unknown
A k 4 7z Unknown
Agile Runite Unknown
Afr0 Unknown Unknown
99 str0wnz99 Unknown Unknown
7th__Realm Unknown
777 Unknown
736825407182 Unknown
5cr0ll l0ck Unknown
3rd abyssal Unknown

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