Report Runescape Scammers

Make scammers NOWHERE to hide!
Help innocent buyers avoid being scammed!

About Us is a new site that created on 2018.

Although this is a very small site. But my goal is great, We want to make runescape scammers nowhere to hide, and help buyers avoid being scammed. We hate scammers so much. We checked from google, there was no a special site that for reporting runescape scammed accounts and runescape scammed buyers. so that we decided to make this site to gather all of the scammed accounts information and scammed buyers' information. We think this may help a lot of other players. is a non-profit site.

We dont sell anything on we only want to help runescape players avoid being scammed.

Welcome to our site to report scammers.

We hope everyone that got scammed can report the sellers or the buyers.