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  • Reported by Gamerluck
  • Date uploaded 2019-11-04
  • What happened? Here I am reporting a big big big scammer online. Scammer full name: Ayman Bashir. His phone number: +13129752091. His driver license Address: 9532 S KEELER AVE OAK LAWN, IL 60453 USA. His Paypal confirmed address: 914 S May Chicago IL,USA. Let me tell what happened: This scammer spent around 18000USD since Otc 2019 on paid by western union payment and paypal payment. 3 orders were paid by Western union for around 2700USD. and He also sent us his ID card photos and his selfie. Since he can send Western union payment and also sent ID card photos and selfie. so that we considered him is a very nice buyer. So we did not make limit for his paypal payment for osrs gold here. But in fact He gave us a bloody lesson. Today we got told by paypal that this fucking scammer reported all of the paypal payment for unauthorized payment with his bank. which means he is trying to scam now. Since he is so fucking shameless. We are not gonna to keep silence. We will keep posting this everywhere to let people know what kind of bullshit guy he is. and stop him keep scamming others. I hope his banker will see this and limit his card in the future for best. at last, I hope paypal will do the right thing to stop him. good luck to you and us. god bless.
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