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  • Reported by Gamerluck
  • Date uploaded 2020-03-25
  • What happened? This fucking scammer full name: danny vo. He was a old customer here since 2018.He buys osrs gold and osrs accounts here for a lot of times. but 1 month ago, he tried to scam us. He claimed he did not make payment by himself and want to have the money back. he disputed thru paypal for unauthorized payment. around 5 days later, paypal made the favor to us and refused his requests. We won the case. but today, he contacted his bank and said the osrs gold he got has what the fuck. osrs gold has quality problem..haha.Never thought He could be suck a big liars. and thought everyone are stupid.. Well. So that I have to discover this bad guy on internet to let everyone be careful when do business with him.
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