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  • Reported by Gamerluck
  • Date uploaded 2019-10-25
  • What happened? Hello. I would like to report a shit scammer. Full name: ryan scott. from 87-1506 KUAHA ST WAIANAE HI USA. He used to be our customer who bought around 2Billion osrs gold no problem. but one day, he reported one of the payment that he sent to us. and when we contacted him. He never admit it. and even we showed the proof that he did charge back. He just dont care at all. I would like everyone know this guy. what kind of bullshit and dishonest shit he is. here is the screenshots of the paypal charge back case. this is the guy's selfie: and this is the scammer's ID card photos. I got scammed by him for 203.24USD. If one day he see this post and want me to remove it. plz tell him to send the momey back to us. and then i would like to remove it. thanks
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