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  • Reported by Gamerluck
  • Date uploaded 2019-08-22
  • What happened? This fuckng guy full name: Tom Ciocia. from 10 Riverview Terrace Smithtown NY USA. Who has been using since 2013. and bought around 270+ orders here. But recently he turned around to be a scammer. He reported few orders with his bank for unauthorized payments. but after that he still making orders here. we asked him for explaination. do you know what he told us? He said the charged back payments was not bought by him. lol...what a big joke. the orders was all for his osrs account in game name. how could the orders was not paid by him? well. He is a shameless guy now. we would not keep doing business with him any more. I hope everyone else who will deal with him would take a sec to consider your money. take care.
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